The battle of depression…

Image_depressionI'm getting on a plane in a little bit to head over to Denver in order to hang out with my father.  He has been hospitalized for over two weeks with what the doctors are calling, "medical resistant depression syndrome".  That's the label but it by no means summarizes the battle…this is a life-long battle for my father.  He is in his 70's and caught up in a biological and emotional cycle that is severe and life-threatening.

Depression is not something to be messed with…it is diabolical and destructive.  It is, in many instances, the epitome of the "strongholds" that the Apostle Paul mentions in 2 Corinthians.  So, humbly I ask for prayer but I also join you in prayer for all those who deal with this battle.  All I can say is, "God, create in us a new heart and lift the clouds of darkness". 

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