Loving your enemies…from my friend, Henry!

My canadian children's ministry pal, Henry found this video – here's what he had to say about it as well as giving an encouragement on how to use it especially with kids (although adults need to think/pray through this just as much if not more):

"thought it was pretty cool and a powerful way to jump start a conversation with children on loving your enemies.

Any ideas on how you would use it?

Here’s one idea that takes a transformational approach rather than an educational approach which could be easily adapted to whatever age group you might be teaching:

Show the video to the kids without telling them what it is about or what topic you are talking about. After the video is done, have them tell you what it is about. Don’t correct or lead. Simply listen and allow children to give their input. Ask questions about how they felt about the video. Ask them what they thought about the person throwing stuff. Ask them what they thought about the person building the bridge. Ask them what they would have done if they were in the video. Have them imagine themselves in both roles. Read Luke 6:27-36 and/or Matthew 5:43-48 (HT:EC). Have the kids tell you what they think Jesus is saying in those verses and how those verses might relate to what they just saw. Finally, have the kids come up with ways they can follow Jesus in what he said in those verses. Have some sort of response time whether that be silence, prayer, an art project of some sort… be creative."

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