Innovation! Great video to watch and think about…

Thanks to friend, Rick for pointing this out – great video – in fact, watch it and ask yourself, "in the organization/church/fellowship/business" I'm in, are we welcoming innovation? 

Rick goes on to make some "editorial" remarks that are also worth taking a peek @:

Signs that you’ve got an innovation dysfunction:

  • People laugh at new ideas
  • Someone who identifies a problem is shunned

  • Innovation is the privileged practice of a special group 
  • The phrase, “you can’t do that because we’ve always done it this way” is used for every new idea
  • No one can remember the last time anyone did anything really cool
  • The organization is focused more on process than success
  • There are lots of baby boomers about, and few people younger than 25
  • After any type of pleasant surprise — product, market, industry or organizational change — everyone sits back and asks, “wow, where did that come from?”

According to Carroll, innovative groups act differently. In these organizations:

  • Ideas flow freely throughout the organization

  • Subversion is a virtue
  • Success and failure are championed
  • There are many, many leaders who encourage innovative thinking, rather than managers who run a bureaucracy
  • There are creative champions throughout the organization — people who thrive on thinking about how to do things differently
  • Ideas get approval and endorsement

Rather than stating “it can’t be done,” people ask, “how could we do this?”

So, if you are a leader in your faith community, takes some time to reflect on these points and ask yourself, “do I encourage innovative thinking or I’m I just a manager who runs a bureaucracy?”

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