Toy Story 3 – maybe the best movie I’ve seen this year…

Toy_story_3 I'm not delusional (no comment!)…I don't purport to be a movie critic.  I have no interest in seeing every movie that is released.  I do have standards…I'm tired of formulaic films and repeats of same ole themes or pure out and out exploitation of people and culture with crude/rude behavior on screen.  So, I only like to attend a few films…ones that have been reviewed in such a way by others that demonstrate that the film might have some redeeming value.  My only exception to that rule has to do with Pixar's work…we have every film on DVD…we've laughed, cried, been inspired and entertained through Nemo, WallE, Bug's life and all the others.  Well, I too have been a fan of the Toy Story franchise.  I anticipated that this film was going to be good…but little did I know that it was going to be as good as it was.  It was fun from the beginning of the film (great take on some action/Indiana Jones films/western chase scenes) until the very end (which was an emotional passing of the baton to a new generation of toy lovers).  Yes, we took our 8 year old granddaughter with us…but we would have gone without her if need be AND we will unapologetically buy the DVD when it is available and watch this film MANY times in the future.  You want to see a film worth seeing this summer?  Bypass Karate Kid and all those crazy demonstrations of technology and special efx…grab your popcorn, smuggle in a bottle of water and a box of Milk Duds…and enjoy Toy Story 3!

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