Back @ Summer camp – after all these years!

Campfire Pit It's been many, many years since I've been at Camp.  In fact, for many of you, you don't know that for almost 8 years, I was at Camp Perkins in Idaho with Confirmation camps twice a year…in addition (going WAY back) I was the Program Director @ Mt. Cross Bible Camp back in the late 70's.  I have a deep love and appreciation of camping ministry…so it shouldn't come as a surprise to you that, after all these years, I'm back @ summer camp. This year, I'm the Spiritual Life Leader of a High School camp @ Camp Perkins in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho.  This is one of the most pristine camps in the country.  It is situated on a small lake, off the Salmon River is some of the most breathtaking country in the entire West.  I have long, powerful, and personal memories of my time at this Camp…many students met the Lord Jesus personally during the years that I spent at this camp.  In fact, I still hear from many of those students, now adults, whose lives were powerfully transformed while we were sharing the love and power of Jesus during their teen years.  I'm actually having a great time…kayaking the lake, mountain biking, helping led camp songs with my guitar, and teaching/speaking the kids/staff during the week…it is all good!  God is still at work in Camping Ministry…we should be supporting them more in prayer and in any way that we can so that these precious places can continue to provide precious spiritual moments/memories for children and students alike.  By the way, check Perkins out @

One thought on “Back @ Summer camp – after all these years!

  1. Yes, while camping the distractions are removed (phone, tv, computer, busy schedule) and it’s just you and God, God’s creation and those who are camping with you. Remove the distractions and you’re more connected to God. It’s like the telephone line that’s crystal clear and without static or interference… can hear his voice much more clearly when you’re camping.


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