Something I wouldn’t normally blog about…wedding that was “sweet”

DSC_0003 Ok – here's the deal – drive to Riggins, Idaho.  Stay in a cool hotel, Salmon River Lodge right on the Salmon River (people catching HUGE salmon by the dozens right down the hill from where we are having dinner).  Get in a bus…drive over an hour to the Pittsburg Landing on the Snake River of Hell's Canyon (the deepest canyon in the US – even deeper than the Grand Canyon)…get out of the bus and jump in a Jet Boat (3 X 375 horsepower diesels) that holds over 30 people…go up and down the rapids of the Snake River for over an hour…arrive at the confluence of the Snake and Salmon Rivers…have a wedding on the beach with pals and family…all I can say is "priceless".  Congrats to new pals, Mike and Ann…thanks to old pals, Brad and Marcia for hooking us up with this party! 

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