Watch me…listen to me…let me tell you what to think, feel and do

I wonder if we really understand (I mean, really…) the power of television. I'm a child of the television-era. For me, as a kid – cartoons ruled. There were many other shows but not a plethora of choices and definitely an industry guided more by values that were more conservative than the "wild west" of television in the 21st century. I was there when MTV went live…and it wasn't long after that when many of us who are students of the culture proclaimed that it was "gloves off" when it came to the intentionality of the media not just reflecting but shaping culture. Now in the generation of the screen, everyone is conditioned to "look". No matter where the screen shows up, it demands attention. So, time for reflection – what does that mean? To the world? To you? I can think of many avenues from which to evaluate the impact of the screen…but you need to own your own perceptions as well as call attention in your circle of influence to the overwhelming power of media. How does a follower of Jesus live in a media dominated world? Is what is happening on the screen more attention-worthy than what is occurring in and through your life?

This is a good video from which to begin your reflection – because it is true – the television is demanding more of you than you can even begin to realize…it wants to be your "master" and "lord".  How do you respond to that prevailing voice?  Do you find the voice of media more interesting than the voice of God?  Does God's voice shape you and your actions/opinions more than that of the screen?  More to come…

Television is a drug. from Beth Fulton on Vimeo.

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