And now an introduction on why we are living in a new world of communication…

People wonder why I blog…why I attempt to dial into what's happening on line and participate in conversations, video, social networking, etc. Hey, the truth is I'm a digital immigrant…I'm not really supposed to "get it". Fact is, my kids, many of my students, and a good majority of the people I have included in my relational circle over the past few years (all digital natives they be) are so accustomed to interacting, learning, doing life on line, that unless I understand their language, I will be left out of what is driving a good portion of what they understand and experience.  I don't want that…and that doesn't include at all what it means to be a follower of Jesus in a digitally driven world proliferated by Google-heads and Social network junkies when most of Christendom is still trying to turn the next hard copy page of Gutenberg inspired printed text. New methodologies of communication are exploding around us…for example, I have more interactions with many of you in one hour who occasionally drop in on this blog or hit me with a FB (that would be Facebook) post than I would normally would have had in over a week back in the "non-digital/analog dark ages".  But, alas, many people don't understand it and are afraid of what is happening in this vast new world.  The video posted below is an overview of what we as followers of Jesus are facing…how to be able to engage in conversation of faith, life, meaning, purpose, growth, maturity, and issues that help people comprehend a new day for discipleship and disciple-making is the question that is driving me to jump into the deep end of this pool.  Trust me, I've been misunderstood by some…attacked by few…embraced by many.  That's the risk you take when you enter a new world…some who are holding on to the old world will never care to attempt to learn enough to join you in a new journey.  They will stay in the old and pray for the good "ole days" to return.  Need I say more…for now, I'm doing my best to contribute what I can to a conversation of meaning in life via the language of a new generation.  Watch this video…I think it is more than possible that eventually we'll all get it!

One thought on “And now an introduction on why we are living in a new world of communication…

  1. I agree with you Robin and I am almost 66. I love all of this and there is no way I can keep up with it, but our 30 something kids and younger have grown up with this and it is a part of who they are. If we don’t meet them where they’re at they will go elsewhere. I applaud you for all you do and I wish I could keep up with you!


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