A couple of random things to consider…

Ok – I'm on a writing retreat with some good pals..we are attempting to set out a framework for a new book/booklet.  In the meantime, a couple of interesting things for this post:

1 – Language is important…words are important…how we express issues of faith and life matter.  Take a peek at this video…it is thought-provoking from missiologist Ed Stetzer's organization:

2 – An Interview with Dallas Willard that appeared on the "Out of Ur" blog that I thought continues to talk about the "real" issue of disciple-making:

Question – How can churches know if they are being effective at making disciples?

Dallas' answer:  Many churches are measuring the wrong things. We measure things like attendance and giving, but we should be looking at more fundamental things like anger, contempt, honesty, and the degree to which people are under the thumb of their lusts. Those things can be counted, but not as easily as offerings.

Question – Why don't more churches gauge these qualities among their people?

Dallas' answer:  First of all, many leaders don't want to measure these qualities because what they usually discover is not worth bragging about. We'd rather focus on institutional measures of success…(you can read the rest of the interview by clicking on the link above). 

3 thoughts on “A couple of random things to consider…

  1. If I told ya, I’d have to kill ya! Seriously, don’t know yet…that sounds funny but it is true. I’m not the Originator of the material…the guys who are asking me to write it are “giving” me the information…better yet, they are just talking and I’m writing stuff down. Who knows where it is heading…more to come!


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