To my “church” friends…a post that is simple and true!

"Mobbed" by the "dear tony" blog

I don't know this guy…he's a blogger I check out occasionally…apparently, he is a professor going "incognito" on this blog…I can think of some good reasons for that (by the way).  I read this today and thought it would be worth your attention…

feel like I am constantly asking the question, “What is the point of
church?” For the last several months, we’ve gone to the same church,
showed up at the same time, found our seats, sat through the service,
and then left. We might say hi to a few people we’ve met before, but
we’re in and out of the door about as quick as everyone else.

Three weeks ago, my wife and I decided to check out a different
church. We had seen them having a picnic in town, and thought it was
worth a shot. The details of the service aren’t too important (though,
the message hit me right in the gut), but after the announcements,
something cool happened.

We got mobbed. Now, it was a nice mobbing, they didn’t take our
wallets or anything. Couple after couple came up to us to introduce
themselves. We got four phone numbers and two lunch invitations. Nobody
pressured us into anything, everyone was genuinely welcoming. That’s
the kind of place I want to bring a friend.

Last week we went to their “newcomers lunch.” The pastor talked
about their intention: we should not expect people to come through our
doors, but find ways to get into the lives of people who aren’t here…
Most people wake up on Sunday morning without even a thought that
church should be part of their life.”

I feel like we (churches and college ministries) often operate under
the idea that if our programs are good enough, people will come. If
we’re relevant enough, people will be magically attracted to us. It
will be magic! Unchurched folks will hear about how great our video
clips are and they won’t be able to stay away!

I wonder – what’s the difference between being relevant and being relatable?

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