Some honesty about one of my other “loves” – all for fun!

DSCN3864 First of all, I'm a faithful man.  I stick with people…I am passionate about relationships and family and friends…I am loyal to a fault and will invest as deeply as possible relationally because I believe that relationships are key to understanding one of the reasons why God created us in the first place.  So…I have a tendency to be a lifelong and faithful friend.  The only realm where I am a bit "fickle" is in my relationship with my instruments. I had ONE love for a long time.  One love I was true to…one I desired and in which I found musical fulfillment…but then I strayed…now, I am returning to my first "love" (musically speaking)…let me tell you the story:

In 1980, my office at the church building in the Bay Area of California was broken into and the guitar that I worked hard for, and saved for, and prayed for was stolen.  Fact is, it was my second acoustic guitar…my first, a Gibson acoustic (SJ-Deluxe, now worth over $2000) was a beautiful instrument, purchased for me by my dad…but it had to be sacrificed for me to be able to buy a Takamine dreadnought that was the "top of the line" at the time.  I loved that guitar but, alas, it was stolen…taken from my heart by some ruthless vagabonds with nothing but malice in their hearts (truth is, I never found out who stole it…cops never found it).  Well, as things turned out, I was "doubly-covered" by insurance…so my settlement enabled me to go out and buy the "guitar of my dreams".  Yes, the picture embedded in this post is my 1979, Martin D-41.  We've had a long relationship together, Marty and me.  We've toured the Western USA and Canada with three bands…played at innumerable campfires at numerous youth camps, led more worship songs at youth/college/denominational conferences than I could count, and have been musical partners in 1000s of worship experiences…and this doesn't include the songwriting sessions, funerals and weddings, practicing, reflecting times, recording opportunities we've had over the years.  We've played "A mighty fortress", "How Great thou Art", "Day by Day", "Look all around you", "Casual Christian", "I love you Lord", "I walk by Faith", more 70's and 80's and 90's praise songs and children's/VBS songs than I can even think of…and that doesn't include the 100's of songs written in the past ten years that have crossed our paths.  Not only is my love deep for Marty but my wife loves him too!  I played that guitar at our wedding…so, what more needs to be said?

But, alas, I must admit (finally, confession is good for the soul), I mess around with other guitars…yes, I am a flirtatious type…over the years, I've picked up a baby Taylor…oh, yes I also bought a Taylor 3 series…and a Fender and Anderson electrics came into my life, I hate to admit, by my own brazen choice.  Even in the last couple of months, I've brought a ukulele and a mandolin into my music room, yep, to share space and time with my beloved Martin.  The truth is, I even had a year or so in my life where I called ANOTHER GUITAR my favorite…I even posted that on my blog back in 2009 (I am ashamed to say)…well, it serves that guitar right…after tempting me to be unfaithful to my Martin, I came to my senses and I got the final revenge recently – I sold it.  It was cool though to have an Anderson Crowdster Plus in my family…I would have it back in a heart beat if I could justify it financially…oh well. 

So, after having some months of instrumental confusion…coming to the realization that I had to admit the unmanagableness of having too many "love interests" with guitars…owning up to the fact that I have to come clean and turn the issue over to my God…I have now returned to my undying affection for my Martin D-41.  No, I'm not getting rid of the others…I'll just convince Marty that despite the others, I will remain true in my heart to our relationship.  HEY…those of you who are ready to quote the problem that Solomon had with his 300 wives and 700 concubines…back off! 


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