Why oh Why do I blog?

Question-why I'm a "wonderer"…I like to think, imagine, and dream.  I'm fascinated with original ideas and looking at realities of life from unique or different perspectives.  I also like to think out loud…some say that is a problem and, yes, it has been over the years because my verbal impulsiveness can sometimes be the equivalence to having a permanent "foot in mouth" disease.  Even so, people tell me that I'm an honest and real person…and, to tell you the truth, that's my goal.  No pretense, no false fronts, attempt to be as forthright and authentic as possible in the moment…that's how I pray God will lead me through my life.

So, as one way of exploring more of who God has made me to be, I blog.  For over 4 years I've hammered away at the effort.  In the past years, I written over 600 posts…I've received 400 comments by friends and readers…there have been over 22,000 lifetime page views.  Some days, over 100 of my friends, acquaintances or even the curious stop by for a look…other days, I'm lucky to get a handful of people who even bother…that's OK by me.  A blog in my mind is just what it presents itself to be – on the web…logging in perspectives on life.  My blog is part public journal, part idea-popper, part airing of thoughts (sometimes crazy as they may be), part reflection, part devotion, part public confession, part linguistic playfulness…I love commenting on what I see in the culture, in books, on television, in my own relationships, and what I see God doing in our lives.  From people who know me around the globe (from Marius and Dorina in Romania, to Nathan in Ontario, to the Hixsons in Vancouver, Judith in England), to people in former churches I've pastored, to students in my college classes, to young adults who know me from conferences, to friends here and there – my blog gives me an opportunity to share my life in "snapshots"…perspectives on what's going on in my heart and life in the moment.  In addition, because I love communication, the blog-sphere is a great way to be able to continue to practice "wordsmithing"…exploring ways to write that are engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking. For some people, blogging is public voyeurism…not for me.  I like reading the blogs of people I know, people I don't know, people I will never know, and people I wish I never run into…it is one way in a digitally driven culture to be able to communicate and connect and build communities…it is a way to have your finger on the pulse of what many, many, many people are thinking and feeling.  I'm not a "digital native" but I am a curious digital immigrant who wants in on the conversation.

So, there you have it…those are the thoughts of the morning.  "Why I blog?"  Aren't you glad I don't get into explanations of why I don't all sorts of other things in life…talk about a sleeper! 

By the way, just finished reading Alan Hirsch's new book, Untamed.  I'll be posting a review of it this weekend for your information and enjoyment.  Here's a quick, tasty morsel:

"More is at stake in discipleship than our personal salvation.  The gospel cannot be limited to being about my personal healing and wholeness, but rather extends in and through my salvation to the salvation of the world.  To fail in discipleship and disciple-making is therefore to fail in the primary mission (or sent-ness) of the church."

More to come…

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