Ah, a cartoon that says what really needs to be said!

Mywife  Yes friends, sometimes you run into things that not only are editorial or thought-provoking or entertaining but you run into things that spell out (or in this case, illustrate) the truth.  One of the blogs that I read (in this instance, view) regularly posted this cartoon today…in a moment that is sure to sound like pure, unadulterated "mush" to some of you, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Lord Jesus for my wife and pal and partner and best friend and confidante and fellow music lover and prayer partner and companion in serving the Lord and…and…and (somethings I'm not going to spell out, just because!)…I would say, "praise you Jesus" for Vicky.  No, you cynics out there, it is not our anniversary…I tell her that I love her daily and often…I appreciate her more than I can ever say…I am so humbled to be able to call myself her husband…and I am so grateful to the Lord that He has blessed us in the many ways He has…to be able to let you know how much she means to me is an honor I will enthusiastically embrace!  Oh, and one more thing…she is not with me for my looks!  That is the one thing that made me smile!

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