Wasting time…oh well…we all do it sometimes!

Wastingtime Vicky is out of town…she's hanging with gal-pal Claudia in the big "D"…that would be Dallas, Texas!  Yeehaw!  Anyway, like any other husband who's been dumped for a BFF visit, I turn to books, music and movies.  I think to myself first of all, "how loud can I play my guitar today without someone 'nicely asking' to have me turn it down?"  I did that for a while…freaked my little dog out..but hey, Lexy's been there before.  Then, I read for a bit…this time on the more "spiritual" side of things – the book of Ephesians…for lots of reasons.  Then, it was over to the big Red Box for a couple of flicks.  Now, I know I can get away with some rentals that I normally wouldn't want to bore Vicky with…so first up – "District 9".  Nothing like a bunch of Prawns and violence to brighten up an evening.  Ok movie…a bit of a morality "play" with "racial preachiness".  There were a couple of sick parts but generally, on OK movie.  Then on to "2012".  All I can say is "what a waste of time".  It was cool to see a contemporary take on the Noah story (actually complete with "ark" language and images).  But it was a bit hilarious to see China, the Dali Lama and other "eastern images" held up as the savior of mankind.  Woody H. was downright weird and funny…the rest was just a bit more over the edge than really was worth it…I turned it off for a bit…turned it on because I can't stand to waste a buck (I'll waste a few hours but not a lousy buck).  The movie was only satisfying when it was over.  Nothing like trying to restore your faith in humanity where essentially the only people who are "saved" are those who can buy, via cash or power, their way into a new world…hey, consumerism and worldly power rule.  All the religious people were the ones who went down with the planet.  So, I wasted my time…now, what am I going to do today?

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