Cultural “spot” of the week…comments on FB

Facebook-LogoOut of the chute, let me say this…I love FB.  I have enjoyed connecting with old friends…carelessly bantering about the most insignificant things…reading articles and watching videos that people that I know highlight.  So – I'm not an outsider taking an easy shot at a FB because I have nothing better to do than to be self-righteous and pharisaical.  But – just because I am a FB fan and user, doesn't mean that I have to be totally blind to some of the dynamics that make it so popular. 

First of all – community and relationships – we all need them – that's the way we were wired up – but, as Scott Peck warned in his great book, Different Drummer, be careful about pseudo-relationships – just because you have 300 or so FB pals, does not mean you have community or meaningful relationships in your life.  Hope you see that…

Secondly, FB can simply be a
culturally acceptable sort of voyeurism as well as a sign of our
fixation with narcissism.  I've recommended the book, "The Narcissism Epidemic" before…as far as I'm concerned, a MUST read for anyone interested in engaging culture and studying the winds of culture that are blowing in our lives.  Question – do we really believe people care about the
minutia of our lives? I like to know what some of my pals are up to…but there is a part of me that says, "hey, that's too much".  Anyway, you discern for yourself…I'm not going to blast away at something that I really enjoy…but I'm not naive enough to say that there are no dangers inherent in the FB phenomenon.  FB is simply the next logical step in a culture obsessed with other people's lives – it started with People Magazine…progress with Entertainment Tonight and all other sorts…moved on with YouTube…progressed at light speed with IM and Texting…now Twitter and FB.  Inquiring minds want to know or at least ask, "what is next?"  Interesting thing to think about huh?  Maybe we'll have little cameras following us around so that they can document our every move and make it public…oops, we already have that!  Darn!  Maybe we'll have to invent Avatars or Holographic images of ourselves that can take people off our trail as we steer them toward our "projected" selves?  Oops, that's coming…read Kurzweil's books.  Oh well…think I better just bail out of this…

By the way, have I told you that I feel a little bloated today? 

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