Mark Driscoll rails against Avatar…boring!

This is what happens when you cry wolf…you have to keep up the intensity over time until the point of being ridiculous and ignored.  Now, I don't know Mark…there are many things "about" him that I admire…but having a tirade about Avatar is "white noise"…every movie that you see these days is filled with all sorts of "idols" that are inconsistent with a theistic or God-honoring worldview.  Avatar is an easy target because it is the number one movie in the culture now…yes, we all know it is paganism 101…yes we all know that is "mother earth" worship…yes we all know that it is unitarianism or gnostic or new age or whatever…ok.  Now, move on to something else…

Mark Driscoll's tirade against Avatar…yawn! ( – click on the link and read for yourself…IF you are interested!

9 thoughts on “Mark Driscoll rails against Avatar…boring!

  1. I generally like Driscoll, but I couldn’t finish this clip–stating the obvious with passion isn’t very interesting. Unless he’s just trying to inform the theologically illiterate masses of the Church (which may be most of us) about culture’s subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle preaching of anti-Christian themes.


  2. that’s exactly what I was thinking…it reminds me of all the other “hysteria” moments in American “church history”…Harry Potter, Last Temptation of Christ…you just line them up. Hey, we live in a postChristendom world…Christ followers can put their head in the sand or we can engage culture with the power of the Spirit. It’s Avatar now…probably Clash of the Titans this summer (pantheism is “cool” on screen)…other straw “men” in culture to shoot at coming after that…let’s get our own houses in order…let’s take on blatant consumerism and narcissism within the local church…let’s see humility among Christian leaders instead of their publicity head shots on posters around their church campuses pushing their latest books, conferences or sermon. Oh well…


  3. I heard about the Driscoll “tirade” from my friend Jamo this morning. I don’t quite get why he’s making a big deal about the bad things in Avatar (and I personally don’t see many besides the weak plot) when he could be making a big deal about the good things. There were a lot of little lessons to be learned in that movie. What if Christians stopped being nay-sayers and instead became people who had eyes to see and to point out God in the midst our experiences… even our cinematic ones?


  4. you are right Wes…I thought it was a good movie but not great…it was Dances with Wolves with the Indians winning…but there are good life lessons in it…Driscoll just loves looking like a pastoral bully


  5. it was an allright movie not my kind of movie really. but the scarey thing is i sat beside a girl probably 18 that said this is the second time i have seen this movie awesome it changed my life????


  6. Rob, you’re right. Driscoll is trying WAY too hard to be edgy and grab headlines. He thrives on creating a buzz. Perhaps if we all just forget about him, he might go away [or at least stop doing what he’s doing.]

    PS – We going to start reading A New Kind of Christianity together soon?


  7. Hi Mikey! isn’t that funny…I was thinking the same thing when I read the Driscoll post, “just go away”. anyway, get the book…I’m ordering mine today. We’ll start next week..does that sound good?

    Miss you buddy!



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