OK OK, we’ll do it! The “to read or not to read” question is answered!

New-kind-of-christianity Ok – my buds, Henry, Mikey, Dave, Ken, and maybe a couple of others will jump in for the McLaren read.  After all I've been reading ABOUT it, I'm a bit hesitant and apprehensive, but there is NOTHING like talking books and theology with these guys.  Henry is someone I'm really impressed with…check out his blog and how he is trying to give Children's ministry a missional, fresh spin.  Besides that, he is a Canuck!  Mikey, what can I say – he's my "lil bro"…smart, inquisitive, funny and insightful.  His blog is here!  He's had more "bipolar" experiences in "churchworld" than most of my other friends combined.  Dave, he's one of my best friends…well-read, opinionated, intelligent, positively argumentative; all the things you love in a pal.  Ken is a great guy…loves good beer, good food and new ideas.  So, I guess I have to jump in…I'm going to try to convince my kid Aaron to go for it too!  It seems like we have more debates these days about theology, ministry, worldview, etc.  Good for a father/son relationship – there is ONE thing we agree on – expensive musical equipment that fulfill our dream of the perfect tone!  Oh well…we all have to have one unrepentant sin to struggle with!

So -  here's our tact – get the book fellas – we'll set out a reading schedule next week!

6 thoughts on “OK OK, we’ll do it! The “to read or not to read” question is answered!

  1. Cool! I’ve got the book and will get a head start reading… otherwise I’ll never keep up with you… I’ve heard of your mad reading skills that reach Arthurian-legend proportions! 🙂 Looking forward to discussing it.


  2. I’ve been reading about this book too. I’m looking forward to reading it. It’s been a while since I’ve picked up McLaren. He’s always enjoyable but this one looks like it could be exceptional.


  3. So, are we still doing this? Just wondering. With getting our house ready to sell and the busyness of Easter services, I haven’t read much, but I’m ready to get going again!


  4. Henri – are we still doing this? well…good question…have you got the book yet? let me know…I’ve been reading other things that are much more “pressing”…so I dropped the ball…what do you think?

    happy easter brother! i’m blessed and proud to know you!


  5. Ha! Same situation here. I do have the book and have started it, then had some other pressing items to read. If it ends up you don’t have time to do this, no biggie. I just thought it might be interesting. Maybe I’ll just read it and email you my thoughts 🙂 Or even better, provoke the children’s ministry world 🙂


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