Fat Tuesday?

Ballet fat manFat Tuesday

Yep, the annual pig fest of culture.  I guess there is nothing wrong with having a day dedicated to indulgence…the problem is that in our culture, every day is a day of indulgence.  All you need to do is travel overseas to see how everything in our culture is excessive…super sized not just in terms of food but in just about every area of life.  So, if today is a day to take a serious look at our indulgent lifestyle and to begin to take a step into the arena of repentance and renewal of life…then so be it!  Truthfully, every day should be one where a follower of Jesus takes a good, ruthless look at their life to see what “indulgences” need to be placed under the cross of Jesus.  Words and concepts like “self-sacrifice”, “delayed gratification”, “moderation”, “being emotionally and materialistically composed” – these things need to be more of a daily reality for most of us instead something that just comes up during the season of Lent. 

By the way, I wrote a bit of a reflection, study sheet, challenge for the Lenten season that you can take a peak at if you want – I wrote it in a manner that could be downloaded and utilized in just about any setting – click here and download the document “Ash Wednesday and Lenten Discipline”.

One thought on “Fat Tuesday?

  1. How do we teach/get perspective of what is excess in our culture? I realize there is great deal that we take for granted and areas in which we indulge ourselves. It’s symptom of a selfish and entitlement culture. Seems like we would need people to experience (consistently and often) another way of living.


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