To Read or NOT to Read – that is the question!

A-New-Kind-of-ChristianityOk – many of you know that I am an avid reader…never was when I was a kid unless, of course, you counted Mad Magazines and Comic Books.  Reading simply wasn't a value in our home growing up…BUT IT IS NOW!  Times have changed…my lovely wife actually fed my addiction by buying me a Kindle for Christmas…so, now not only can I buy new books but I can get them at a discount and carry dozens around in a small vinyl case.  Anyway, I've been contemplating whether I want to read Brian's new book…I loved the early McClaren books (especially New Kind of Christian, More Ready than you Realize, Generous Orthodoxy)…wasn't too crazy about the newer reads.  But this book is garnering some controversy which makes me feel like I want to jump in.  The fact that Brian is now a big Marcus Borg fan is even more intriguiging.  Anyway, I have some former students and some other friends who are reading it and debating some of Brian's thoughts…so now, what to do?

So – here's my thought – I'm in with the book IF AND ONLY IF I can go through it with a few other peeps on my blog or email…so, this is what I thought I would do – TODAY is Monday, February 15th.  I'm going to put out the word through this blog post – if you want to read the book along with me (maybe we'll take a chapter or so a day) and engage in some "gracious" discussion, let me KNOW NOW!  I'll cut off my informal invitation by the end of this week! If noone wants "in", I'm not going to read it (at least for now)…if we get a few of us that want to go through it together, I'll jump in!  So, what cha think?

4 thoughts on “To Read or NOT to Read – that is the question!

  1. I’d love to read it with you! It’s not like I don’t have 5 other books I am in the middle of 🙂 Seriously, though, would love to read and discuss it with you and whomever else wants to join in!


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