A year of objectives and listening…

You might say I have it a bit 'backwards'…but trust me, the listening has occurred and is always a vital part of my life these days.  Here's a snapshot of some of the objectives I have envisioned for 2010 within the sphere of influence that God has given me.  To not take the setting of objectives seriously is not to take the responsibility seriously…so these guidelines are there to map out how I spend my time and energy throughout the day and coming year.  The program I use is called, NovaMind Mind Mapping.  This system was originally shared with me by uber-blogger Bill Kinnon (kinnon.tv) and has proved to be very helpful in taking logical and "picture oriented" snapshots of some of the processes that are occurring in my life.  I thought I would post it today for one specific reason – to "air" my plans.  Sometimes, at least in my life, plans and goals can be sufficiently hidden from view and thus not available for others to push back and hold me accountable within community to be who I've been wired up to be.  So, enjoy…if you want more…email and I'll give you more!  If you want to push back – push away!

2010 Project Specifics

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