Sabbath day…worship and rest and family and friends…

THE HOLY BIBLE - 2 Trying to keep the Sabbath holy…set apart and different from the rest of the week.  First of all, it was a blessing for me to help the students of our faith community lead the rest of the congregation in worship…music with my fellas and some of the students was fun!  I still find great enjoyment in the leadership of music and worship.  Then, had some discussions with parents in our community on what can be done to raise kids who love God.  There are no secrets here – the prime reason why kids are on the track later in life for the Kingdom primarily has to do with the faithfulness and authenticity of their parents.  Now…it is time for a late lunch…football…dinner with some friends and some rest…thank you Lord that you made the Sabbath for your children to enjoy!  I'll do my best to honor you in it and through it!

3 thoughts on “Sabbath day…worship and rest and family and friends…

  1. I was reading in Hebrews the other day about the Sabbath, about entering into Gods rest – Hebrews 4. It appears to be a lot about entering into Gods Grace and resting from our works – because Christ has done everything.


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