Some thoughts on what “we” are doing in our little piece of God’s Kingdom

26915-Clipart-Illustration-Of-Two-White-Characters-Connecting-A-Red-Piece-Of-A-Pie-Chart-Into-The-Main-PieceOur little piece of the Kingdom pie…we live in the Treasure Valley of Idaho.  God has called us and equipped us and invested in our lives through His Spirit.  We are doing our best to be faithful to His calling.  Here's a summary about what we are attempting to do:

It has been over six months since the faith community that I am a part of unanimously decided to support a Project to renew our identity in Jesus as well as collectively commit to exploring ways of living that will impact the Kingdom of God.  In many ways, the Project isn’t anything new to the life of the church…it would be fair to say that these ways are FORGOTTEN WAYS…in other words, we need to be reminded who we are in Christ – that He has called us to GO and be disciples who disciple others.  So, in an effort to provide more and more clarity, below is a list of objectives that are foundational to our Project.  Clarity helps me…I hope it helps you as well!


DISCIPLERS – We are Disciples Discipling Disciplers.

RELATIONSHIP BUILDERS – We are Building Relationships – through these relationships in our neighborhoods, workplaces, etc., we are able to reach people with love of Jesus.

ENGINEERS OF REDEMPTION – We are building Faith “Communities” –a Community is that which is based upon the words of Jesus, “where two or more are gathered in my name” (Matthew 18:20) – so these “communities” can pop up anywhere – these are essentially NOT communities in the strict sense of small groups…rather they are Redemptive Relationships.

SHAPERS – We are shaping “Mission-Als” and “Mission-Alices”.  We are trying to teach that every follower of Jesus is ON a mission every day. We are attempting to train every person who calls FCLC his or her spiritual home.

TRAINERS – We are attempting to train every person who calls FCLC their spiritual home.  We are attempting to create a movement of people in our congregation who think and act in faithful ways in regards to lifestyle and mission

EQUIPPERS – We are intentionally Training and Equipping – Ephesians 4:12 (“equipping the saints for the work of service”).  We are also attempting to re-shape the mission of the Nurture Groups (2010) and influence the vision of discipleship for student ministry.

PIONEERS – We are a Pilot project of the LC-MS and the Northwest District of the LC-MS as they attempt to try new ministry ‘styles’ and paradigms to reach out to the people of the 21st century.  We are also building cooperative partnerships and learning environments in with others in the Treasure Valley and the Pacific Northwest (through the Northwest District).

INSPIRERS – We are deliberately committing to living a lifestyle of intentional discipleship and faithfulness that is inspirational to other followers of Jesus as well as models of Jesus for people to witness.

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