A battle that we will be facing more and more in the days to come…

DSC_1099.preview It is bound to happen more and more…as life is being reduced to its "utilitarian" dimensions, people will be reduced to the amount of cash it takes to sustain life.  Decisions in our culture will be based upon a person's usefulness, productivity, or simply on a scale of chronological age that is deemed by some to be more valuable than other ages.  This plaque is a good example of what is to come…I admit, there are no easy answers.  But medical ethics and a clear definition of what constitutes "life" in our culture will be battlegrounds that are bound to cause angst and division.  This is a worldview issue of profound proportions.  Once you reduce human life to its "usefulness"; as soon as you choose to deny viewing life as a gift from a loving Creator (but the result of mutations and chemical accidents); and as the "collective" becomes more important than the individual…you've got a melting down of the respect and awe we have of the miracle of life.  It is time not only to pray for wisdom as we wade into these controversial waters…but also to begin to be prepared to take a prophetic stand on the gift of life.  More to come on this for sure…

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