If I’m working with students now, this is the time to engage…

YouthministryI have been "Doing" student ministry for years…every time I have tried to extract myself from living life and living a faith filled journey without students, God has placed a major roadblock in my path.  In fact, the doors that God opens for me many times have specifically to do with students.  So, I always have an "eye" out for issues that can provide an entrance into the culture and lives of young people.

Well…the ground is bursting forth with issues to discuss with students…yeah, I know…I don't want to be sensationalistic with the life of Tiger Woods.  But come on friends…if you work with, have them in your home or life in some major way, it is time to open your mouth (and heart) and speak some truth regarding the "revelations" regarding Tiger and how the culture is "buzzing" about him and his marriage.

First of all, this issue brings up the issue of marriage – commitment – what covenant/promises are all about – faithfulness in marriage – betrayal – adultery – need I continue?  In addition, people in the culture are questioning marriage again in HUGE ways…commentators are going so far as to suggest that the monogamous marriage is no longer relevant in our world…we live too long.  They are saying that we cannot expect people to be faithful to one person for a lifetime any longer.  Some have suggested that we should have marriage contracts like adjustable rate mortgages…the you have to renegotiate every few years in a marriage to give the individuals an opportunity to "re-up" or get out!  In addition, with the advancement of "polyamorous" relationships (I blogged on this a week or so ago), the opportunities for conversation with students is "rip unto harvest". 

Come on those of you who have students in your lives…now is the time.  Engage!  Any and all ideas welcomed! 

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