3 thoughts on “Gotta love this too!

  1. Hey Rob: Don’t you get tired of completely bagging on “church” and “organized” religion? There’s got to be something good about it! It has sustained you for the last 30+ years, and because of it, untold millions of people have come to know Jesus and more are discovering Him every day. I gotta tell you, Bro…in all love and honesty…the constant railing against it comes across as a little on the self-righteous side. Of course there are other and certainly better ways to engage God and share the Gospel. But “church” still comes in many forms, and for many people particpating in “organized” church worship is the way in which they feel closest to God. The hundreds of millions of people that go to church every week all over the world can’t all be wrong. And what’s more, for many people, myself and my family included, without a traditional chuch we may never have found our way to Jesus. I love eveything you’ve been doing and saying to bring about a new paradigm of worship and devotion to God, but a little less mud throwing at the “established” or “traditional” church might lend more credence to your own cause. It seems to me that “realtionship” is the most important thing to God. Relationship with Him and with each other. And since most people associate “church” with God, that’s where they’re most likely to go to seek out those relationships, yes? So that’s where you’ll find your fertile soil of souls in need. Meeting them where they are and then directing them to where they need to go would be more fruitful than spending your time trying to convince them not to go there in the first place. I don’t know where thisa came from today, but I thought I’d just throw in my two cents! Love you!


  2. hi bud…you always have your two cents to contribute and I appreciate it…my comments and postings about the church have nothing to do with tearing the institution down…just demonstrating that there are limitations to an understanding of church that is JUST institutional. Many people who are following my blog are people who need that type of encouragement…they have been hurt or are skeptical about the relevance of the institution…so it all makes sense to me. of course, you know that I am still part of the institution…if I was criticizing and NOT being a part of it, then it would be hypocritical! love you though…trouble maker!


  3. OK…that makes sense to me. It was just starting to seem a little skewed toward the negative and painted with a broad brush. I know you’re still part of the institution, and I know how much you value that relationship, too, so that’s why I was confused. But then again, I’m confused most of the time.
    Love you, Brother!


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