Walt Mueller is right!

Walt Mueller of the Center for Youth and Parent Understand put it well – “Youth culture is a map and a mirror. It is both directive and
reflective. We watch it to see where it’s sending us and our kids. We
watch it to see where we are. We monitor, deconstruct, and exegete it
to know how to bring the map of the Biblical world and life view to
bear on the realities that exist. A world that’s not the way it’s
supposed to be keeps heading in that direction. We’re in desperate need
of being straightened out, fixed, and made new. That’s why we listen
and watch carefully.  Looking for a cultural map and mirror to ponder and talk about over the next month or so? Here’s one worth engaging.  “You 86 the rules. You do what just feels right. . . “

Is this really what Christmas has been reduced to? 

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