Is it too much to ask?

Confused-monkey1 All I want is something simple…bullet points that summarize the extent of the Health Care Bill that is being considered by our government leaders written in a manner that I can understand and evaluate.  I have tried to be open minded…I have tried to give this stuff a chance…but it is confusing at best.  I don't want what I hear from many people…but it all appears to me to be "talking points" by political parties…one saying we can't afford to wait on this and the other saying we can't afford this…I tried to get to the government website that has the bill for us to read…but it is full of confusing legal-eze AND it is over 2000 pages!  2000 freakin pages…all I want is a simple point-by-point summary…is that too much to ask?  If this is such a big deal, wouldn't it make sense to have a presentation of the bill that EVERYONE would understand?  More to come…

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