Poly-amorous? It is bound to happen!

Polygamy-female It was bound to happen!  This CNN Living article is worth the read.  I didn't want to be alarmist…nor do I want to be one now.  But a materialistic, naturalistic worldview leads to these types of conclusions.  IF all you have is the human species and our "natural" genetic and biological urges, then that tells us that monogamy and covenantal relationships are simply restrictive and not "natural" and frankly, out of line with what we scientifically "know" about the species. No, we live in the skin of a body that needs to be stimulated and pushed to ultimate fulfillment.  In addition, add to that a cultural swing that allows for marriage to be "re-defined"…where boredom in a relationship is license for being "poly-amorous"…for family to be "re-defined"…for society to embrace all those relationship configurations that "pleases" and accepts/tolerates what happens privately in the lives of people, you have the likelihood of relational chaos.  Again…add to that more and more societal "experimentation" and more and more people who are publicly promoting these alternative relationship styles through the media and other communicative venues and what do we get?  Culture is reaping what it is sowing…and to be shortsighted and say that the "Church" will not have to deal with these issues is naive.  So, pull up your sleeves…you think we HAD work to do…it is only just beginning!  Hey, let me know what YOU think!

3 thoughts on “Poly-amorous? It is bound to happen!

  1. Are you saying that our culture is, in so many words, giving up on monogamy? You believe this to be a legitimate concern? If so, then I think you are being an “alarmist.” But, if you are right and I should indeed be ready to “roll up my sleeves,” I think the Church already has the language (whether or not we will be ready to utilize it) to deal with and to reject polygamy and “poly-amorousity” in the language of dehumanization (which has by and large been unable to broad-strokingly discount homosexuality although it remains the best and only language appropriate for doing so).

    Wow… I think I sounded mean there… didn’t mean to… just my thoughts… love ya. Shalom


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