Healthy distraction…

DistractionI was trying to think about something profound today…but my profundity index is low today…so I turned to my favorite distraction – G.A.S.  Gear Acquisition Syndrome is the name of the game.  My first stop, none other than my Internet pal "Guitar for Worship" nerd, Karl.  He has a great gear "shoot out" on a few efx pedals that are of HIGH interest to me…namely, overdrive pedal.  Of course, the one he "loves" is more expensive than the one I have…but that's just fine with me!  I gotta wonder for a while though…what does that young punk, Karl, do that he gets paid to evaluate guitar gear?  I mean, I have a real job!  Worship Leaders…just like all the comments I got over the years…don't they just work one day a week?  So, I look at that site for a bit…read and watch some stuff…laugh along with Karl…email him about his obsessions…do some surfing of the pedals he is talking about…watch his Edge worship video on the U2 Concert at the Rose Bowl…get even more distracted as I fall into the trap of hating that beany clad dude who has all the fun playing guitar for an incredible singer/front man like Bono…I surf over to some sites that talk about how to dial up Edge's delay tone and how much stuff he has that I don't have…then I surf over to Pedalgeek and ProGuitarShop and check out some more gear.  Then I take a few moments and wish there was a money tree in my backyard…but then have to pray for a while because I'm not "seeking first the Kingdom of heaven…".  As you can see, one distraction leads to a pit of time wasted…but hey, at least I had some fun for a while.

Back to work…maybe some profundity will knock me over the head!

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