The Rhythm of the Seasons


Don't get me wrong…I loved living in SoCal for the years we were there.  There is NOTHING wrong with ocean breezes and warm temperatures throughout a majority of the year.  As most people who live in California know – there are two seasons – sunny and cloudy – or beautiful and even more beautiful.  But now in Idaho, it is back to the four seasons…I didn't remember until I experienced again, how much I missed the rhythm of the seasons…I was reading in a book by Eugene Peterson last night about how often we neglect to live by the rhythms that God embedded in reality.  The invention of lights…televisions…computers and the other trappings of 21st century life give us the impression that the world keeps going…24/7/365.  There are times to be quiet that we pack with noise…there are times to be still that we fill with activity…there are rhythms of life that we take to the extreme with elongated, fast paced beatbox types of existence where the dance never slows.  The seasons?  Reminders of the ebb and flow of life…I need that reminder and I'm so thankful that God has given us shorter and cooler days to refocus our lives on what is really important besides a pace of life that is destructive at best.

One thought on “The Rhythm of the Seasons

  1. What a good thought. I am learning the importance of rhythm and rest more than ever as I student teach. It seems that the expectation is that you work around the clock and somehow come back to school every 12 hours or so and be an exciting, engaging person– and that just doesn’t seem to work. I am learning more than ever that the best thing I can do for my students is to stop thinking about them for a while.

    Thanks for your thoughts!


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