To quote Seth Godin, “Small is the new Big”

God is up to something HUGE…through small efforts of people who are being called to make an impact for the Kingdom.  Remember Jesus’ parables?  The mustard seed…the Samaritan who brings healing to the broken…even stories like Zacheus illustrate that someone “small” can make a difference in the lives of others and is blessed of God.  In the way God looks at life and His Kingdom, there is no such thing as a “no count”…everyone matters.  Small steps can be blessed with HUGE results. 

Below is a part of an article by marketing guru and fellow follower of Jesus, Seth Godin.  Read it with an eye on what God can do in and through us:

“Big used to matter.   Big meant economies of scale. (You never hear about “economies of tiny” do you?) People, usually guys, often ex-Marines, wanted to be CEO of a big company. The Fortune 500 is where people went to make… a fortune.  Get Big Fast was the motto for startups, because big companies can go public and get more access to capital and use that capital to get even bigger. Big accounting firms were the place to go to get audited if you were a big company, because a big accounting firm could be trusted. Big law firms were the place to find the right lawyer, because big law firms were a one-stop shop. And then small happened.  Enron (big) got audited by Andersen (big) and failed (big.) The World Trade Center was a target. TV advertising is collapsing so fast you can hear it. American Airlines (big) is getting creamed by Jet Blue (think small). BoingBoing (four people) has a readership growing a hundred times faster than the New Yorker (hundreds of people).  Big computers got silly. They use lots of power and are not nearly as efficient as properly networked Dell boxes (at least that’s the way it works at Yahoo and Google). Big boom boxes are replaced by tiny ipod shuffles.  Today, little companies often make more money than big companies. Little churches grow faster than worldwide ones. Little jets are way faster (door to door) than big ones.  Small is the new big because small gives you the flexibility to change the business model when your competition changes theirs.  Small means you can tell the truth on your blog.  Small means that you can answer email from your customers.  A small law firm or accounting firm or ad agency is succeeding because they’re good, not because they’re big. So smart small companies are happy to hire them.  A small restaurant has an owner who greets you by name.  A small church has a minister with the time to visit you in the hospital when you’re sick.  Small is the new big only when the person running the small thinks big. Don’t wait. Get small. Think big.”

As I said at the outset, God is up to something HUGE…the "non-institutionally defined" faith communities and individual, missionally-minded followers of Jesus are starting to live out their God given design and identity.  These are exciting times because we never will know how God will use all these small but powerful efforts.  There is no small impact for those with Kingdom hearts.  God will do something HUGE with our passions for Him…every perceived “small” prayer, “short” conversation with a friend about their relationship with God, “tiny” gift given in faith, and “little” step toward the desire for all of us to be a disciple-making faith community has HUGE Kingdom potential. 

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