The Tangible Kingdom – Chapter 21 – “Otherness”

"The last sphere of incarnational community is the most fulfilling, the most fun, and the most inspiring and intriguing to the onlooking Sojourners…it's about mission."

Action, blessing, giving and sending…all I can say is that I wish I would have been as passionate in the past about this type of praxis years ago when I began ministry…I was taught that ministry was about taking care of the "sheep"…feeding, combing, loving".  Now, there's nothing wrong with that…that's the pastoral office, if you will…that's what God's people are supposed to do.  But I found myself like every other follower of Jesus spending SO much time within the "house of God" that I never owned my identity as a person who is sent to bless, act, and give as Jesus has given to me to others.  Mission is what it means to be a follower of Jesus…we are not purely given our reason to exist by going to some place and given our identity as one who resides in the relative safety of the holy confines.  There is reason to gather…we talked about that chapter yesterday…but the reason we are walking within the grace and mercy of God is not so that we can sponge off the bounty of our Lord but so that we can live in Him, with Him and for Him as the Kingdom is made real in our time through our lives. 

As we finish this three week journey, all I can do is plead with you…have your imagination reshaped by a lifestyle of living the mission of God in and through your life.  Pick up the book yourself…or check out numerous others that remind us of the forgotten ways of Jesus.  Start to look at WHO YOU ARE not from the perspective of how much you can consume of God's Kingdom but how much you can GIVE of God's love and how much you can LIVE OUT the reality of God's Kingdom, embracing it in every and all relationships.  I so desire to see a new community of faith…a gathering of followers of Christ who know what it means to live out the call of Jesus and see others through the eyes of a Lord and Savior who wants the "them" to no longer be "them" but us. 

I'm praying for all of us…

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