The Tangible Kingdom – Chapter 17 – “Loving without Strings”

Blessed to be a blessing…if you are blessed, you will be a blessing…whatever you want to say, God calls us to bless others.  As mentioned in this chapter, “to bless” means to ask for God’s favor to rest upon a person or “to make happy or prosperous or gladden”.  Matt and Hugh write,

“Biblical blessing is the tangible favor of a personal God who loves humankind and desires to offer his life to them.  It’s best understood in the Hebrew term ‘shalom’.  ‘Shalom’, said as a greeting or benediction, references one person’s desire to see the peace of God touch every aspect of another’s life.  It’s a holistic blessing that calls for action by the one granting the blessing”.

As succinctly as possible, God calls us to share the blessing that He has abundantly given us to others…no strings attached…no bait and switch…no ulterior motives…just simply love and blessing with the Holy Spirit being responsible IF ANYTHING is to happen because of it.  Wouldn’t life be so much simpler if it was simply lived with the goal of being a blessing?  Blessing the waitress who waits on you at a restaurant…blessing on the guy who takes your credit card at the gas station…blessing the kid who walks across your front lawn…or blessing the people you say “hi” to at the grocery store.  Some one once told me a long time ago, “if Jesus loves you and that brings you joy, would you tell your face?”  More times than not, followers of Jesus are NOT known for their acts of kindness, love and blessing…now is the time to make the Kingdom tangible…be a blessing to others. 

Just a few more chapters…stick with me…we’re on the home stretch!

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