The Tangible Kingdom – Chapter 16 – “Living Among”

Ok – here’s where Matt and Hugh take most followers of Jesus out to the wood shed for a little “discussion”.  Here’s the big idea:

“This issue of ‘how incarnational should an incarnational community be?’ is why we must align our theology around the call of mission.  This third habit (the first two covered in previous chapters on “Leaving” and “Listening”) of incarnational people: the habit of living among, means participating in the natural activitys of the culture around you, with whimsical holiness…(the) issue of holiness or perceived holiness is the theological elephant in the room.  If the church is to move out of irrelevance, this one issue must be settled both theologically and practically…the question of whether we ‘should’ be in the world is pretty easy to reconcile.  Christ addressed the issue this way.  He told us in Matthew 5:13 that we are to be ‘salt and light’…the bottom line, ‘this is how we know are in Him: whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did’”. 

That’s the issue, isn’t it?  You gotta get your hands dirty in the world to live missionally…no more spiritual ghettos…no more hanging JUST with people who believe and feel the way you do about the world and culture…no more “head in the sand” attitudes and actions…but now an immersion, a holy immersion, into the world in which we live.  There’s much more to be said here…but you’ll have to push back or read more if you want more.  We’ve said it before – dualism is Gnostic and over.  In order to “save” the world, we need to live among the world.  More tomorrow…

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