The Tangible Kingdom – Chapter 13 – The Hello Experiment

Chapter 13 on 9.09.09 – fun!  Anyway, we’ve been tracking through the book, The Tangible Kingdom by Hugh Halter and Matt Smay.  It has actually been as much of a discipline for me as it has been an informative journey for you.  Today’s chapter has to do “living out”…here’s a summary of this concept:

“Living out is the natural and intentional process of making habits of four practices:  Leaving, living among, listening to, and loving with no strings attached.  These four habits, if lived out by a given community of missional people, will help you have the right posture and be in the correct position to gain the hearts of God-seeking sojourners around you.  You’ll actually begin to change the normal programmed response of people toward the gospel, toward Christians, and maybe even toward the church.”

And here is some more:

“People in America are not ignorant of Christianity.  They’ve heard the message, seen our churches on every corner, they flick by our Christian TV shows, they see our fish symbols on the backs of our cars.  They’ve seen so much of pop Christian culture (I would say, “sub-culture”) that they have a programmed response to us:  IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE.  What’s needed is a change in parameters – something that will alter their emotional response.”

No more evangelism programs…no more formulaic, mechanistic efforts to gain a crowd…no more mission boards, committees, task forces, foundations that keep the “average” follower of Jesus separated from the one challenge that Jesus gives each of us directly…”GO”.  All this boils down to one issue – are you and me living out our lives like jesus?  More to come in future chapters…in fact, the authors are going to get much more specific on the practices of “living like Jesus”…come back for more!

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