The Tangible Kingdom – Chapter 10 – “Another Angle”

OK – many of you who have followed me or have been a friend/companion in my journey as a follower of Jesus know the score on this…the attractional model of ministry in local ekklesia has not only been critiqued and found wanting but when stacked up against an incarnational approach to ministry/communal life in Jesus reveals itself to be weak on how it impacts and produces actually a stagnation in spiritual development in hearts/lives/and a sense of compelling mission.  So, I am not going to bore you with another overview of the issues – but suffice to say, that this chapter in the Tangible Kingdom addresses the two approaches to ministry…let's say this – God will sort out the fruits of any and all approaches to ministry.  I'm not going to hammer on the attractional model…if that is what God is calling someone/some church to do, then do it to the glory of God.  I might not feel/think that it is a completely biblical/faithful model, but that's an arguement/debate for another time.

A quick peak at the main points of chapter 10:

Attractional Approach vs. Incarnational Approach to Ministry

Attractional Approach

  • Unbeliever is invited to church
  • Unbeliever confesses belief
  • Unbeliever repeats a prayer
  • Belieiver joins church
  • Cognitive Discipleship ensues
  • Focus – Counting confessions
  • Believing enables belonging

Incarnational Approach

  • Sojourner is invited to belong
  • Sojourner confesses interest
  • Sojourner experiences the good news
  • Sojourner participates in community
  • Experiential apprenticeship is discipleship pedagogy
  • Focus – Transformation
  • Belonging enables believing

More to come…

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