Don’t settle for the Aquarium when God created you for the Big Blue

Nemo For years, I had aquariums in my home.  Not only did my kids like watching the fish but because we had moved away from the ocean, the aquarium always reminded me of the beach.  I started out with the aquarium habit like most…fresh water and then the big move to salt water. 

I would love sitting in the family room and simply watching the peacefulness of the fish swimming around the aquarium.  I thought to myself what a wonderful humanitarian I was for giving these sea creatures a safe place to live their days.  Then one day, I bought what someone told me was a “pigmy” lion fish…they said it would not grow to be very large.  But over the weeks, it simply became HUGE.  In fact, the larger it grew, the more it had to eat…at first, it would eat one goldfish and then two.  Then after 6 months, it started to eat the other fish in the tank.  Before I knew it, I had a gigantic lion fish who had eaten close to $400 of other fish.  He alone was in the tank as king.

I imagine that this lion fish would thrive in the ocean…the ocean is a dangerous place but it is his natural habitat.  The Lord Jesus reminds us that we have been called to live an adventure…he says, “I have called you as sheep among wolves”.  Never does Jesus say we are called to some peaceful existence…rather we are gifted, loved, called and challenge to live our days as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God in the midst of the reality of life.  So many opt out for the safety of the aquarium life…unfortunately, that's not our "home"…our home is the Big Blue…living in the midst of an often risky world with the promise of God's Spirit dwelling in us and working through us.  Don't settle for an aquarium…swim with the rest of the fish!

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