Confusingly important to feel

Lolcats-funny-pictures-questionmark I'm confused…and that's good!  After a week with my 92 year old Great Aunt, preparing for the inevitable, talking about her financial woes, dealing with a house that is beyond description, trying to find a way to emotionally reconcile the reality in which she lives, as well as attempting to make sense of it all in a manner that I can continue to live without carrying around excess angst, I'm returning home with confusion – and that's OK.  I didn't expect to arrive at home with all the answers…I rather have new questions that can be addressed and other issues that simply have to be let alone to brew.  I read Job again and was reminded that I don't know everything…will never know anything…can never even dream of knowing everything…and that's got to be OK.  God is God and that is that…I don't say that in a fatalistic, Calvinistic sense but rather in a position of simply acknowledging that I have to let go of some aspects of like that I would LOVE to control but will not and can not.  And that's simply has to be…so, I'm confused and that is important to know, admit and feel.  How about that?

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