Just when you think you have it together…

Patience_small1 Me and my big mouth…as usual, I was talking to a group of people about the fruit of the Spirit the other day.  EVERY TIME I DO THAT, I take a few moments and do a "ruthless moral inventory" of character issues within me…oh yes…and then I feel pretty good about myself.  I think while I'm talking, "hey, compared to these people, I'm doing OK". 

Well, I really don't think that, but you know what I mean…truthfully and humbly, when I read Galatians 5, I set up on a piece of paper what looks like a group of gas gauges and I ask myself, "how am I doing lately on these Christ-like character traits?"  In other words, am I more loving than I have been over the past few weeks…exhibiting a growing sense of goodness…being positively stretched in faithfulness…you get the picture.  Well, to make a LONG story short…I was feeling pretty good about my "patient quotient" lately UNTIL I was on an airplane yesterday trying to get to Detroit.  After the captain informed us that the cabin pressurization equipment was failing and the temperature in the plane rose to about 110; then having to fly to Utah instead of Detroit, waiting in a 3 hour line for rebooking, etc., I found my patience severely under the microscope.  I should have known…as soon as I pat my self on the back, BAM!  I saw that pic above and I immediately said, "yes, now that I can relate to".  Oh well…I really didn't lose it…just kind of fumed on the inside and prayed…then had to read Romans 2 last night about some thing called pride.  You would think I would learn.  So, now that I've bored you with a snippet of my exciting life, I gotta go and wait in another line.  Yippee!  Grrrrrrrr!

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