My new favorite blog – Guitar for Worship

 Guitar for Worship – The dude probably doesn't even know who "el kabong" is but it is amazing to mElkabong-731106e how much I am enjoying his blog.  The mysterious Karl on Guitar for Worship (I say mysterious because I can fine NO pic of him anywhere…not on his blog, church website, google search, nothing!).  The blog is not only informative but entertaining…unless of course, you are not a musician or guitar player…then it is simply mindless babble or dribble. 

Otherwise, Karl reviews equipment, makes pithy comments, responds to EVERY post that his readers place on the blog and generally does one thing – promote good tone and good musicianship – all for the glory of God. 

The only thing, and I say this with tongue in cheek, that I don't like is that he is causing me to look seriously at my credit card.  I try to avoid a growing relationship with my card…in fact, I stick my card in hidden places so that I am not tempted to get into a serious relationship with it.  But lately, thanks to Karl, my credit card is beckoning to me…it wants to be used and abused.  If it wasn't for the fact that I have to have serious accountability with my wife and son because I suffer from a serious psychological disorder called, "G.A.S." (gear aquisition syndome), I would be sunk.  I'd be dropping tons of bucks and my credit card would be warm with joy because of use.  So, musicians, be warned.

Otherwise, here is a sample of Karl's work – he is either brilliant or has way too much time on his hands…of course, he is a MUSIC MINISTER – what else does he have to do but play a few songs a look cool on Sundays!  Oh, and buy great amps and pedals…I want to be him when I grow up!

You know you’re a worship leader when…

  • when you schedule a bass player on the team each weekend because
    all the cool worship bands have a bass player; but you’re not entirely
    sure what it is a bass player does
  • when you don’t wear shoes, because the stage is ‘holy ground’
  • when you insist on having reverb in your monitor
  • when you don’t know what type of guitar you play, because you just
    walked into Guitar Center and said, ‘I want the worship leader guitar’,
    and the sales guy handed you one. (And just so you know, you play a
  • when you insist on being cranked in everyone’s monitor, and insist
    on playing your acoustic during the bass solo, and then can’t figure
    out why the drummer can’t follow the bass player over your acoustic
    ‘filling in the dead space’
  • when your current style of hair is directly concurrent to Lincoln Brewster’s current style of hair
  • and if you’re really on the edge, it’s Jon Foreman’s style of hair
  • when you refuse to say Switchfoot, and must refer to their singer as Jon Foreman
  • when you’ve already watched the youtube clips of the opening night
    of the U2 360 tour, and are seriously thinking about putting the
    worship team in the middle of the sanctuary this weekend
  • when you don’t bring an mp3 of the new song you threw into the set
    that morning, but are insistent that the drummer will be able to tell
    from your words, ‘The intro goes like, da da DA, do da-da-da DA!’
  • when you have an effects board because your lead guitarist has one
    and he looks really cool with it, but you’re not exactly sure what to
    do with it, and your electric guitarist ends up plugging it in for you
    each week
  • when you bring sheet music in G, and then say, ‘We’re going to capo this on 3,4,5, or 6…I’m not sure yet’
  • and when your bass player looks at you with the ‘there’s no way you
    seriously just said that’ look, you say, ‘What, you can’t transpose?’
  • when you sing the lyrics to ‘With or Without You’ during the
    ‘Majesty’ chorus because you just heard the brand new and ultra-hip
    band Third Day do it
  • when you sing the ‘With or Without You’ lyrics wrong
  • when you get ticked off at the computer person for not being able
    to follow you on the slides and backgrounds when you sang said ‘With or
    Without You’ lyrics…wrongly
  • when you can literally make an argument in your head for how ‘With or Without You’ can actually have a Christian meaning
  • when you can’t literally make an argument in your head for how
    ‘With or Without You’ can actually have a Christian meaning, but you
    still want to sing it anyway, so you change the lyrics to, ‘I can
    live……with or wi-i-ith You’
  • when you don’t run a tuner on stage for your guitar, but then always look at everyone else when something sounds out of tune
  • when you ask the guitarist to play ‘that crunchy space-sounding thing that ‘Dave’ who played last weekend did on this song’
  • when all your ‘gigs’ listed on your myspace music homepage are all
    curiously listed at 10 AM on Sunday, at the same location each week
  • when you ask the keyboardist if he’s sure he’s in tune
  • when you cycle through 27 background vocalists because no one
    ‘blends well’ with you, before thinking that maybe you’re the one
  • when the keyboardist asks if the F#m you wrote on the sheet music might actually be a D/F#, and you say, ‘Same thing.’
  • when you raise the key on Phil Wickham songs
  • when you insist on the drummer being on a click track, but don’t
    like one in your ears, but then still want to start every song yourself
  • when you play the 17 minute epic rock-opera Mutemath song that no
    one’s ever heard, start it ambient and a-tempo, don’t play ‘exactly’ in
    tempo with the backing loop, repeat the ending chorus 33.5 times of
    accapella, and then when the congregation gives you the blank stare
    instead of singing, you say, ‘They just don’t understand worship.’
  • when you choose your worship setlists in accordance with what will look the coolest on your blog
  • when you’ve desperately searched everywhere for the last 10 years
    to try to find a definition of ‘post-modern’ because you’ve heard every
    worship leader in existence talk about it, but you’ve never really
    heard what it actually means and how to be it
  • when you finally realize that all you have to do to be post-modern
    is to describe yourself as such……oh, and to think that Lifehouse is
    still edgy and relevant


One thought on “My new favorite blog – Guitar for Worship

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