Playing with launches

Fire Eater Sets High ‘Tech Integrity’ Bar for Teens

Nationally recognized tech teacher by day, fire eater by night, takes on issues of technological integrity with his new resource Playin’ With  Fort Collins, CO – Fire-eating tech teacher Mark Schreiber has created a new resource, Playin' With, to help parents and teens discuss issues of technological integrity.

Founded by nationally recognized Milken Educator Mark Schreiber, Playin’ With Fire strives to open up the discussion between teens, mentors, and parents on teen tech integrity issues with the use of vivid fiery images, video clips, and discussion-starting questions.  It’s Schreiber’s second resource on his quest to help digital natives, i.e. teens, and digital immigrants i.e. parents, see eye to eye. 

Schreiber has a two prong strategy, teach parents how to use teen technologies and teach teens how to use them wisely. “Teens and parents have a huge gap in their knowledge and use of technology.  Parents assume that their kids are being safe because they are so versed in technology or they over-react and try to take it all away. Neither way is good parenting.  They need to develop a trusting and open relationship and talk about the heart of these issues with their kids.” said Schreiber.  Even if they know 10 times the tech, teens still need the wisdom that their parents and mentors provide. invites teens to take a step in that direction by watching the preview video, taking the challenge to act the same online and off, and then to signing the wall to say that they will live with integrity online and off.

“I’m not just talking about porn or online predators,” Schreiber says in his video clip, “I’m talking about who you are while you’re connected?  What flames are you flirting with in this area?”

The full 10 minute video, ‘Confessions of a Fireater’, is slated to come out this fall with enough fire eating, tech integrity talk, and burning computers,  to get teens engaged on this important topic.

About Mark Schreiber

Mark Schreiber (M.S. Colorado State University) is founder of Playin’ With and No Parent Left as well as a teacher/technology integrator at Frontier Academy in Greeley, CO.  He has received many prestigious education awards such as the ING Unsung Hero Award (08), as well as the Milken National Educator Award (05), which is often toted as the “Grammy of teaching awards”.  Mark Schreiber currently resides in Fort Collins, Colorado and has been teaching technology and fire eating for over 10 years.

Mark Schreiber <> <;

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