Just about ready to say “bye bye” birdie!

Twitter-logo I was on Twitter again today…I had at least "ten" people who wanted to "follow" me.  At first, celebration…THEN, I checked out (very quickly I might add) who these people are…all were women "looking" for me to follow.  All of them had provocative photos and statements for me to "consider"…all of them had links for me to check out (which I did NOT) that would have ushered me into the porn world. 

Another indication of what's going on in culture?  Yes!  But more than that, it shows anyone how temptation lingers and is subversive in its desire to hook us in unsuspecting ways.  So, I'm praying through the day about whether to dump Twitter.  I've grown fond of Facebook because you can monitor those who join your relational circle.  You can do that with Twitter to a point…so "bye bye birdie"?  More to come….

One thought on “Just about ready to say “bye bye” birdie!

  1. If you’ve spent any time looking at YouTube videos, you’ve probably noticed that the more Christian the video is (or the more famous the Christian is who posted the video), the more likely it is that someone has linked objectionable material to it. It’s not just a sign of our culture, it’s a sign of how the enemy and the world he so strongly influences sets snares for followers of Christ.


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