The Crisis of Lies

Thumb-pinocchio Lying can become as much of an addiction in our lives as any substance.  Once a person finds a way to stretch, manipulate, hide a portion, or outright slander the truth, it becomes easier with each application. 

In the post-modern era, the truth is a dying breed.  You can say that it publicly began with the infamous, "it depends what your definition of is is" or you can point your finger at the infiltration of relativism or pragmatism on our society as a whole.  As long as the ends justifies the means and that what truth is all about is relative to the speaker and listener…as long as there is no standard for truth-telling in the culture, then we are in deep weeds. 

I have to admit, warning – public confession – that I fell into an addiction with lying years ago…that is a long story – but I went through a healing process where I have been dedicated for years to the concept and reality of ruthless truth-telling…it is  painful process but a necessary one. 

That's why lying, especially in the public realm, irks me so much – which brings me to what I heard yesterday from our President.  When the Prez says that his policies have saved or created jobs in a marketplace (something he can't prove) where over 1.6 million jobs have been lost over the past months, something smells wrong.  Spin is lying…saving face by stretching the truth is lying…a lot of people know when someone is lying for expediency or placation sake in the culture.  I sincerely believe that the cynicism in our culture is partly due to the fact that very few people in the public realm can speak truth – they are more concerned with approval ratings than speaking and representing reality.  A person who is dedicated to building a fantasyland of perception is sooner or later gobbled up by the very fantasies that they are trying to portray. 

So, in order to end this long post, we are in a crisis of truth.  The only way to combat it?  A person commitment to truth-telling in your own life.  Will you or can you do it?  I know it has been a struggle for me…but I dedicate myself to the truth daily…to live it, speak it, represent it as clearly and passionately as possible.  Now, I move on to pray for the culture at large…

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