American Pastoral Idol

Sometimes I get the feeling that contemporary "churchworld" is diminishing into one big popularity contest.  Between comparing of sizes of congregations/attendance stats (yours is bigger than mine – something guys have a problem with anyway you look at it), book deals, salaries, publicity, conference exposure, etc…you have to start to wonder.  I have to admit, years ago – I fell into that trap.  There was a secret placator alive and well within my soul who took great pride in the adulation of others.  I was seeking information and encouragement and stealing as many ideas as I could to be able to achieve the culture's standard of success.  Well, maybe I'm older (definitely) and wiser (not very likely)…my importance is no longer a dream, goal, objective, or hope.  I'm simply glad to be alive…taking my place within the Kingdom and doing what I can do to incarnate Jesus in the circle of relationships in which I find myself.  It seems a bit arrogant to quote the, "I must decrease, He must increase" verse…but that's essentially what it is all about.  My life these days?  See how much I can get out of the way and let the Spirit work…if I'm involved, great.  If not, great.  Maybe this Naked Pastor cartoon can put it in perspective for ya:


2 thoughts on “American Pastoral Idol

  1. I am soooo bummed. I thought that winning “American Pastoral Idol” was the goal. That was my soul purpose in life. Now that you’ve taken that away what am I supposed to strive for? Maybe I can win “Canadian Pastoral Idol”, or “Really Cool Preacher Idol”? I had thought that I might enroll in “Super-Duper Missional Church Leader Idol,” but I wasn’t sure if that was the contest for me, but now I’m thinking it might be. I guess if all else fails I can try “Pastor Who’s Gained The Most Weight Idol”.

    What do you think?


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