Let the New Adventure Begin!

Adventure-travel-2 This past Sunday, at a very humbling and exciting meeting, a coalition of followers of Jesus, leaders in local congregational ministry and a denominational executive/visionary met to be able to discuss a new ministry proposal that involves my (our) future. 

I am going to post the proposal (if you are curious) but for the sake of quick information, this is a ministry proposal that keeps Vicky and me in the Treasure Valley of Idaho – specifically called and challenged by the Holy Spirit and supported by a "mother congregation" to be able to plant as many missional/faith communities as the Lord God leads us over the coming year. 

It is a specific call that is takes advantage of my entrapanureal spirit, passion for teaching and disciple-making, commitment to personal and communal transformation and my knowledge of the various "missional" movements throughout the world.  There is alot at stake in this new adventure…but the incredibly humbling part was how many people at my "home congregation" were not only enthusiastically behind this venture but were also willing to place themselves firmly in a team of people were join our common passions to see this vision come to fruition. 

For those of you who have been praying for me to receive a "call" from the Spirit that would lead to a new full-time ministry, it appears that your prayers as well as ours are in the process of being answered…we have waited on the Lord and God's direction and will continue to hope and pray…so continue to join us.  Things seems to be coming clearer.

Download Ministry Proposal

It appears that there is a convergence going on – one that is serendipitous and miraculous…this local congregation, our personal lives and desire for faithfulness, as well as the denomination's dreams are all being joined at this moment.  The words that Vicky continues to remind me of – "for such a time as this"…that's all I can say – it is becoming clearer that the last two and a half years of struggle, questions, and wilderness are now bearing fruit. In addition, God continues to surprise and delight…I know there is more on the horizon.

Obviously, more to come…for those of you who are my ministry companions, be prepared to be bombarded with questions and a need for community – that means you Jamie, Alan, Mike, Nate, Rickard, Chris, Henry, Dave, Bob, Mr. Kiwi, Dennis, Clint, Bro Maynard, Doug, Len, Ed, and the list goes on…

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