Marketing of “Church” out of control…

If there is ANY doubt about how far the contemporary church has gone to PUSH itself into culture with “perceived” relevance for the PURE reason of marketing, here is a CNN story about how one local church ticked off a community with a recent mass mail blast regarding a sermon series on sex. 

I had my doubts about posting this…in fact, I sat for about 10 minutes and prayed for some guidance…but many of you who look at this blog know that I like to comment on current church praxis. I tell you, this is simply one more example of how some local churches will DO ANYTHING to be attractional. If you can’t get people in the door with the good news you go with the SURE CULTURAL THING – sex! Sex sells…but it also continues to push the usual “bait and switch”…in other words, the attractional methodology issue – get people in the door any way possible and then hit them with the ticket to heaven so that you can feel good about yourself and how many people yo got “saved”.

Most of the marketing we receive in our neighborhood doesn’t go this far – but it does blast away at any and all other faith gatherings by saying, “we’re better, hipper, cooler, with better preaching, teaching, singing, music…whatever”. Like I said, another example of how far some will go to market themselves. To say I’ve got problems with all this is an understatement…without saying any more, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions!


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