What a waste of time!

Key_art_the_day_the_earth_stood_still What a waste…I remember the original. Well, honestly I can barely remember the film.  I was pretty young when the black and white version hit the screen.  But I saw it on the tube a number of times when I was a kid.  But this version – well, it just stunk!  First of all, it was an eco-nazi film…so preachy it was embarrassing.  Then, there was the blatant worldview that pure, stoic reason was what would solve all human issues.  Of course, all the animals are saved from the horrible human race.  It is an "ark" thing…but no destruction happened because humans got our intellectual act together and promised to solve the "earth's" dilemma.  In addition, there were some absolutely blatant references to previous political administrations and ideologies…but that's for another post (no it won't be really…I don't want to waste my time with it).  It is a shame that actors and actresses like Reeves and Connelly put their time into it.  Oh well…I'm going to watch "Hotel for Dogs" tonight with my sweetie!  I'm sure that will be TONS better!

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