Encouragement in time of Discouragement

Discouraged I don't know exactly what to post today…there have been many days that have passed since I last wrote SOMETHING for this blog.  To say that I've been "discouraged", would be an understatement.  I've had to spend some time over the past weeks discerning the difference between discouragement and despair. 

The difference is becoming clearer to me…despair is more of a debilitating emotion that can often accompany discouragement.  It is a feeling that can extract and defeat.  Discouragement is more of cry of the heart that proclaims, "give me a reason, any reason, to take the next step".  It has not been an emotion as much as it has been an experience that has led to a longing…a longing for hope, for support and ENcouragement. 

Nehemiah. 6:9 For all of them were trying to frighten us, thinking, “They will become discouraged with the work and it will not be done.” But now, O God, strengthen my hands.

God is strengthening me…I read, ponder the truth of the scripture…read some more…think deeply about how God's Spirit is holding me during a time of waiting that seems to be lasting an eternity.  Voices that have strengthened me have been plentiful…knowing that there are those who have stood with us in the gambit of these days has brought light in times when darkness could be proclaiming victory.

Trust me friends…the battle isn't over…but there is ENcouragement that is coming our way…I have not given completely into despair…I'm holding on to promises, love, hope, and to the only means of security that a person can have in a time of wandering in the wilderness – that being the true and ever-present, ever-ENcouraging God.

One thought on “Encouragement in time of Discouragement

  1. Hi Robin,
    I totally understand what you are saying. I am sorry, that I didn’t read your blog earlier. I feel badly, to find that you guys are feeling like this and I did nothing to try to help. Actually after you read this, you might feel worse…
    I am sort of in that spot, but I do know that in every situation of my life, I have been exactly where I was supposed to be at any given time. God doesn’t have to punch a time-clock. I am certain of this for you and Vicki.
    The hardest part is waiting because when I have prayed for patience-(really meaning: give me an answer, any answer, right now, and the next answer, too),God, in his infinite wisdom, says ok…start working on getting patient.
    I feel your frustration, but you wouldn’t want the wrong answer to your prayers, and God is lining up all of your ducks, since we can get the order messed up…or at least I do, not knowing what is most important when I get in an anxious state.

    I pray for serenity, for you, while you are waiting. Know that I am praying for God’s hand to still your anxious heart, while he is fine-tuning his plan for both of you.
    God bless&Love


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