An appropriate “sign”…

Christians-at-play_2 Last night, I was hanging out with my son.  One of the things he was sharing with me was how some Christ-followers that he knows have now "banned" everyone from having any books or recorded sermons of Rick Warren's.  Apparently, Rick's interview on Larry King recently regarding gay marriage was not "wishy washy" (my son told me those were the words that this one pastor used).  This one church took all of Rick's books out of the church library as a result…now, I'm not a "fan" of the Saddleback cults of personality and mega-church.  I not a mega-church lemming. 

EVEN SO, I still have respect, admiration and "love" for what God has done in that ministry…many of you know, we lived in the shadow of Saddleback for years.  Even when I was the pastor at Good Shepherd in Irvine, we attended Saddleback on Saturdays occassionally (when they were in the tent – early days of the movement).  So, though I have issues with Rick (e.g. he once told his congregation to boycott Disneyland, something that the rest of his denomination was doing…oh yes, Saddleback is a Southern Baptist Convention congregation), I not going to throw a brother under the bus.  I thought to myself as my son was sharing (by the way, he was NOT in support of what was happening, in case you wondered), "just another GREAT example of Christian love, huh?"  It appears that many people are still purpose driven, that is, purposely driven to not build the body but tear it down…I don't know whether to laugh or cry!

By the way, thanks AGAIN to "The Naked Pastor" for the great cartoon!

One thought on “An appropriate “sign”…

  1. Wow. Great post. He’s not perfect, the interview wasn’t Peter at Pentecost but it wasn’t heresy, and his ministry is reaching a lot of people.

    It’s so much easier and you get so many more accolades from both people and from your own mind, to make a showy stand. Rather than to do the really hard thing, which is, if you really believe that that interview incriminates Rick Warren so much so as to pull his books off of your shelves, then maybe care enough about the 20,000 people at his church, and try to get ahold of him, thank him for his ministry, and ask if you can chat with him over lunch. It may not happen, but at least your trying shows care and effort and love, not more showy stands for spiritual browny points given from your own mind.

    I normally don’t comment on this type of stuff, but I think your post was very well put, and it shares a view that I don’t see too often. Props.


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