The Illusion of Perfection and Utopia

2392166973_e0e2a2e8dd Whether it is Progressivism or Statism or Non-racist Fascism or Social Darwinism (Evolution of society/culture), there are those in our relativistic culture who really believe that we are a law, a political structure or movement or a charismatic leader away from moving closer to "heaven on earth" (not in a Kingdom of God sense theologically more from a utopianistic perspective).  It is amazing to me how many followers of Jesus are buying into this political/sociological ideology.  Instead of valuing freedom and then acting responsibly in the context of community/relationships, there are those who believe that our freedoms need to be "overseen" by a big government or by a world order that holds on to an fantasy based idealism ("if we only do this…or this…or this, the world will be perfect) that is ignorant of the reality of original sin. 

When the American Prez made reference recently to the "Two Foundations" parable at the end of the sermon on the mount, he used a powerful story to make a point about his financial rescue plans.  Ripping off biblical images for the sake of pushing one's political agenda is a bastardization of the biblical worldview.  The only thing that building our lives on the "rock" has to do with banks, financial institutions and national budgets is the fact that it doesn't. 

We are in the midst of interesting times…I'm sure that there is more reflection from all of us that is to come…we have to remember, our hope is in the Lord…He is the only foundation on which to build a life and community. 

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